Advocacy Pack

Hello There,
Access Supporters and Access Champions! 


Thank you very much for supporting the Access Arts Hub and the Accessible Arts movement in Singapore.

This Advocacy pack has been developed to be a guide for you to celebrate your affiliation to the HUB and help spread the word about inclusive arts.





We encourage you to add the Access Arts Advocacy images into your personal or company’s social media account banners, email signatures, websites, shows and event collaterals, just to name a few.

The logos can go onto all social media platforms and here are some ideas on how you can use them and reach out to people that come across your page.

They can be uploaded to your personal or company’s Facebook/LinkedIn banners. You could also update your profile picture to include the logo, either a full image or at the bottom of the pictures. Why not celebrate your role by also sharing about it on your Instagram or Twitter accounts too!
For your shows and event collateral, you could even add the Access Arts Hub logos to them and advocate that your events promotes Access for all. For your event page, you could also use the Access Icons to inform patrons about the accessible features that your events or venues have.
The Access Arts Hub logo can be added to your email signature and spread the word about the Hub with every new connection you make.

Why not consider adding alt text to the Access Arts Hub logo? Alt Text is the words you use to describe an image, for those who might not be able to see it fully.

You can use the following alt text for our logo:

You can read more about Alt Text here. It can be a helpful tool for your patrons if used effectively.