The Anywhere of Everything, No Matter the Time

The Anywhere of Everything, No Matter the Time, is a choreographed performance and installation for pre-walking babies and neuro-divergent young children with additional mobility needs. It aims at diverse sensory experiences by interlacing movement, dance, music, visual art and light design.
Our intention for this production is to create a safe space for audiences who might not usually have access to the theatre - eg, babies (who have not started to walk actively) and/or atypically developing children who have physical challenges to go into a theatre and experience a performance.

This 2-hour durational piece is the first of its kind for young audiences in Singapore, where there is no fixed beginning or ending for the performance.

For parents with neurodiverse children with additional mobility needs, we hope that this accessible work will minimise any of the anxieties that social norms and conventions may arise from a typical theatrical setting.

Date: 15 - 30 October 2022
Time: 9.30am to 11.30am, 1pm to 3pm, 4pm to 6pm
Duration: 2 hours
Specific Accessibility Show Date 15 - 30 October 2022

The Almighty Sometimes

A heartfelt family drama about love, life and letting go, no matter what the consequences may be.

Anna has been on medication for so long she can't remember who she is without it. All she knows is that once, as a little girl, she was a prodigious writing talent, in possession of a thrilling imagination.

Now twenty-one, Anna wants to rediscover the talent and passions she believes were interrupted. She wants to know what life would be like without pills and prescriptions, but as Anna tries to find out who she really is, her mother, remains determined to protect her – but Anna’s treatment is no longer her decision.

Kendall Feaver's multi-award-winning play The Almighty Sometimes is a heartfelt family drama about loving someone with a mental illness. An intelligent and honest take on the difficult choices parents make in a child’s best interests, and what happens when you no longer have a say.

Brilliantly written, The Almighty Sometimes is an unflinching, exhilarating ride, filled with humour, pain and a little bit of magic.

Date: From 8 November 2022
Time: Monday – Friday: 8pm, Saturday: 3pm & 8pm
Duration: Approx 120 Mins
Specific Accessibility Show Date 26 November 2022, 3pm

The 9 Fridas by Kaite O’Reilly

The Inclusive Young Company presents The 9 Fridas, a performance text by award-winning playwright and disability arts icon Kaite O’Reilly. The 9 Fridas is a mosaic, with many representations of Frida Kahlo - disabled, Mexican and currently the most famous female artist in the world. Monologues delivered by specifically non-Frida figures/characters tell contemporary stories that parallel aspects of her biography as F journeys through memory and the Mayan afterlife.

Date: 15 & 16 October 2022
Time: 2pm & 7pm
Duration: Approximately 1hour 30 minutes
Specific Accessibility Show Date 15 & 16 October 2022

Recalling Mother: Her Lines, My Lines

“Her hands, at 8, are washing grains of rice running the grains through her tiny fingers.

My hands, at 8, are grasping a pencil pressing the nib against the pages of my primary school exercise book.”

“Her hands, at 35, cook and clean, cook and clean, cook and clean.

My hands, at 35, type and text, type and text, type and text.”

Mother-daughter relationships are always complex. Their echoes spread across generations. How does time bring a new perspective to the way we relate to our parents? A vivid, affecting portrait of the ties between mothers and daughters, Recalling Mother: Her Lines, My Lines invites you to re-examine this special connection with tenderness, compassion, and empathy.

Immensely moving and funny, Checkpoint Theatre’s Recalling Mother: Her Lines, My Lines celebrates the joys, trials and intricacies of mother-daughter relationships. A living work that has seen many successive versions, the piece has resonated deeply with global audiences in Singapore, New York, Brisbane and Adelaide since it began its journey in 2006.

Now, in 2022, the conversations evolve further, with changing times, bodies, and relationships creating new bonds and stories. Dynamics shift, love and care become inextricable. Daughters find themselves renegotiating their roles as they grow up and grow old with their parents.

Shared with verve, generosity and wit, acclaimed theatremakers and friends Claire Wong and Noorlinah Mohamed open an intimate, safe space for all to listen to their stories and recall mother in their own way.

Writers, Directors, Performers: Claire Wong and Noorlinah Mohamed
Set Designer: Johanna Pan
Lighting & Multimedia Designer: Elizabeth Mak
Sound Designer: Shah Tahir

Date: 15 Sep - 18 Sep 2022
Time: 3pm, 8pm
Duration: 1 hour 10 mins
Specific Accessibility Show Date 17 Sep, Sat, 3pm


In this cheekily on-the-nose musical adaptation of the classic fairy tale, Wild Rice brings one of the world’s most beloved characters to the Singapore stage. Meet Pinocchio, a wooden puppet crafted with loving care by Geppetto – a kind, humble carpenter who has always dreamt of becoming a father.

With a wish and a touch of fairy magic, Pinocchio springs to life… but there are some strings attached! To become a real boy, Pinocchio must first prove himself to be brave, kind and true. It’s a challenge the little puppet is determined to overcome – until he is led astray by a pair of wily con artists, and swept up in a madcap misadventure that takes him from the tempting promise of the circus to the deepest depths of the fathomless sea. Directed by Pam Oei, Pinocchio is a brand-new, original musical written by Thomas Lim, with lyrics by Joel Tan and music by Julian Wong. Our fabulous cast includes Mae Elliessa as Pinocchio, Ebi Shankara as Geppetto and Siti Khalijah Zainal as G-Hopper, as well as the adorable First Stage Kids – making a welcome return to the stage after three long years!

A hilarious and heartwarming celebration of family, friendship and the importance of being true to yourself, Pinocchio is the perfect holiday treat for you and your loved ones. Wood we lie to you?

Date: From 17 November 2022
Time: 2.30pm (Touch Tour Starts at 1.15pm)
Duration: 2 hours including intermission
Specific Accessibility Show Date 3 December 2022 (AD), 4 December 2022 (RP), 7 & 8 December 2022 (CC)

Animal Farm

“All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.” Something is going on at Manor Farm. The animals have overthrown Farmer Jones and, with the pigs as their leaders, have created a new state for themselves called Animal Farm.

Vowing to eliminate the terrible inequities in the system, the pigs write a set of commandments as a guide for animal life. However, cunning propaganda hides their true agenda, as the ideals of the revolution are gradually subverted. Animal Farm, George Orwell’s most celebrated novel, is a timely reminder that absolute power corrupts and that totalitarian regimes inevitably betray the trust of ordinary citizens. Combining physical theatre, live and original music, and innovative design, Wild Rice’s 20th-anniversary production of Animal Farm is more than just a tale of barnyard betrayal. Vital, sexy and wickedly funny, it invigorates a world classic with humour, integrity and clarity – proving that Orwell’s dark fairy tale is as relevant today as it was 80 years ago.

Date: From 18 September 2022
Time: 2.30pm (Touch Tour Starts at 1.15pm)
Duration: 1 hours 30 minutes without intermission
Specific Accessibility Show Date 30 August 2022 (CC), 3 September 2022 (AD)

Pulau Ujong / Island At The End

Pulau Ujong, or “Island at the End”, is one of the oldest recorded names for Singapore. But what was it like at the beginning, before humans started transforming the landscape? What lifeforms once filled its rainforests and rivers, and which ones are now extinct? With temperatures soaring twice as fast as the rest of the world, what will this island’s future look like?

Written with heartfelt insight by award-winning playwright Alfian Sa’at, Pulau Ujong / Island at the End is a riveting piece of documentary theatre featuring interviews with climate scientists, botanists, zoologists, environmental historians and activists. Their words, wishes and worries for the world take centre stage alongside the more-than-human voices we all need to hear – from zoo mascot Ah Meng to Singapore’s last tiger. Brought to thrilling, kaleidoscopic heights by director Edith Podesta and a brilliant ensemble cast, Pulau Ujong is both an elegy and a cry of hope. At a time when we can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to climate change as it ravages the entire planet, Pulau Ujong invites audiences to re-acquaint themselves with the miracles and mysteries of the natural world.

Date: From 15 September 2022
Time: 2.30pm (Touch Tour Starts at 1.15pm)
Duration: 1 hours 45 minutes including intermission
Specific Accessibility Show Date 1 October 2022

"French Piano Series" - Hayato Sumino "Cateen" Piano Recital

Hayato Sumino Singapore debut. Join us as we witness one of the finest pianist of the new generation LIVE at the Victoria Concert Hall.

Born in 1995, Hayato Sumino won the Grand Prix of the Special Class of the PTNA Piano Competition while he was a graduate student at the University of Tokyo in 2018. This was the start of his full-fledged musical career.

In 2019, he won the third prize at the Lyon International Piano Competition, and in 2017, he won the gold medal at International Chopin Competition in Asia, and many other prizes. He has performed with Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra, Gunma Symphony Orchestra, and FILARMONICA BRASOV.

Date: 12 October 2022, Wednesday
Time: 7.30pm to 10pm
Duration: 2.5 Hours
Price: Free