In this cheekily on-the-nose musical adaptation of the classic fairy tale, Wild Rice brings one of the world’s most beloved characters to the Singapore stage. Meet Pinocchio, a wooden puppet crafted with loving care by Geppetto – a kind, humble carpenter who has always dreamt of becoming a father.

With a wish and a touch of fairy magic, Pinocchio springs to life… but there are some strings attached! To become a real boy, Pinocchio must first prove himself to be brave, kind and true. It’s a challenge the little puppet is determined to overcome – until he is led astray by a pair of wily con artists, and swept up in a madcap misadventure that takes him from the tempting promise of the circus to the deepest depths of the fathomless sea. Directed by Pam Oei, Pinocchio is a brand-new, original musical written by Thomas Lim, with lyrics by Joel Tan and music by Julian Wong. Our fabulous cast includes Mae Elliessa as Pinocchio, Ebi Shankara as Geppetto and Siti Khalijah Zainal as G-Hopper, as well as the adorable First Stage Kids – making a welcome return to the stage after three long years!

A hilarious and heartwarming celebration of family, friendship and the importance of being true to yourself, Pinocchio is the perfect holiday treat for you and your loved ones. Wood we lie to you?

Date: From 17 November 2022
Time: 2.30pm (Touch Tour Starts at 1.15pm)
Duration: 2 hours including intermission
Specific Accessibility Show Date 3 December 2022 (AD), 4 December 2022 (RP), 7 & 8 December 2022 (CC)

Animal Farm

“All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.” Something is going on at Manor Farm. The animals have overthrown Farmer Jones and, with the pigs as their leaders, have created a new state for themselves called Animal Farm.

Vowing to eliminate the terrible inequities in the system, the pigs write a set of commandments as a guide for animal life. However, cunning propaganda hides their true agenda, as the ideals of the revolution are gradually subverted. Animal Farm, George Orwell’s most celebrated novel, is a timely reminder that absolute power corrupts and that totalitarian regimes inevitably betray the trust of ordinary citizens. Combining physical theatre, live and original music, and innovative design, Wild Rice’s 20th-anniversary production of Animal Farm is more than just a tale of barnyard betrayal. Vital, sexy and wickedly funny, it invigorates a world classic with humour, integrity and clarity – proving that Orwell’s dark fairy tale is as relevant today as it was 80 years ago.

Date: From 18 September 2022
Time: 2.30pm (Touch Tour Starts at 1.15pm)
Duration: 1 hours 30 minutes without intermission
Specific Accessibility Show Date 30 August 2022 (CC), 3 September 2022 (AD)

Pulau Ujong / Island At The End

Pulau Ujong, or “Island at the End”, is one of the oldest recorded names for Singapore. But what was it like at the beginning, before humans started transforming the landscape? What lifeforms once filled its rainforests and rivers, and which ones are now extinct? With temperatures soaring twice as fast as the rest of the world, what will this island’s future look like?

Written with heartfelt insight by award-winning playwright Alfian Sa’at, Pulau Ujong / Island at the End is a riveting piece of documentary theatre featuring interviews with climate scientists, botanists, zoologists, environmental historians and activists. Their words, wishes and worries for the world take centre stage alongside the more-than-human voices we all need to hear – from zoo mascot Ah Meng to Singapore’s last tiger. Brought to thrilling, kaleidoscopic heights by director Edith Podesta and a brilliant ensemble cast, Pulau Ujong is both an elegy and a cry of hope. At a time when we can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to climate change as it ravages the entire planet, Pulau Ujong invites audiences to re-acquaint themselves with the miracles and mysteries of the natural world.

Date: From 15 September 2022
Time: 2.30pm (Touch Tour Starts at 1.15pm)
Duration: 1 hours 45 minutes including intermission
Specific Accessibility Show Date 1 October 2022

"French Piano Series" - Hayato Sumino "Cateen" Piano Recital

Hayato Sumino Singapore debut. Join us as we witness one of the finest pianist of the new generation LIVE at the Victoria Concert Hall.

Born in 1995, Hayato Sumino won the Grand Prix of the Special Class of the PTNA Piano Competition while he was a graduate student at the University of Tokyo in 2018. This was the start of his full-fledged musical career.

In 2019, he won the third prize at the Lyon International Piano Competition, and in 2017, he won the gold medal at International Chopin Competition in Asia, and many other prizes. He has performed with Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra, Gunma Symphony Orchestra, and FILARMONICA BRASOV.

Date: 12 October 2022, Wednesday
Time: 7.30pm to 10pm
Duration: 2.5 Hours
Price: Free

Gretel & Hansel (Mandarin) – 糖果屋历险记



Gretel & Hansel 糖果屋历险记改编自经典《格林童话》故事。一部诚挚、幽默及有趣的故事,叙述姐弟之间的纠纷和家人给予的爱与鼓励;了解身为家中长女该有的责任。姐弟俩将带领观众走入一场天马行空的惊险之旅。Gretel & Hansel 糖果屋历险记有助于让孩子们学着与人融洽相处、珍惜兄弟姐妹之间的情谊以及了解亲情的重要性。

Gretel & Hansel 糖果屋历险记首演于2019年,以英语进行演出。这部改编自经典《格林童话》的故事主要讲述在困境中,姐弟俩如何互相扶持,凸显出亲情的重要性。

Gretel’s life is turned upside down when her new brother Hansel arrives. He gets all the attention, the cuddles and the kisses and poor Gretel is told to ‘grow up’ and remember that she’s ‘a big girl now’! But Gretel doesn’t want to be big! And she doesn’t want the annoying little brother who’s too small to play.

When Mother and Father take the children to the forest, Gretel has a chance to get rid of the little brother once and for all. But the forest is full of danger and Gretel will have to learn to get along with Hansel if they are both going to survive the adventure.

Based on the well-loved Brothers Grimm classic fairy tale, Gretel & Hansel is a heartfelt, humorous and exciting tale about sibling rivalry, family love, courage and understanding what it means to be a big sister! The two children become both characters and storytellers as they bring audiences on a thrilling and imaginative journey. Gretel & Hansel will help encourage children to work together, appreciate their siblings and understand the importance of family love.

First staged in English in 2019, this reimagined storytelling adapted from the well-loved fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm highlights the importance of sibling relationship amidst the rivalry.

Date: 27 July to 8 September 2022
Time: 2pm
Duration: 50 minutes, with no intermission
Specific Accessibility Show Date 13 August (AD), 21 August 2022 (CC), 28 August 2022 (RP)

The LKY Musical

One of the most successful Singaporean shows of all-time, The LKY Musical, returns this September.

Presented by Aiwei and Singapore Repertory Theatre, this will be the first large-scale musical to take place here in over two years!

Watched by over 50,000 people during its first run in 2015, this home-grown musical tells Lee Kuan Yew’s story - from his student days in 1941 to Singapore’s independence in 1965.

Starring Adrian Pang and Kit Chan, with music by Dick Lee.

This is more than just one man’s story.

This is a tale of idealism, war, intrigue, betrayal, loyalty, determination, passion and love.

This is the story of Singapore.

The LKY Musical is an inspiring tale of facing hardship head-on, overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges and rising from the ashes. With new musical arrangements and new songs, this is an ideal show to bring Singaporeans together after the challenging past couple of years.

This exciting project is the work of an international team of artists – with music by Singapore’s iconic musician and composer, Dick Lee; lyrics by Laurence Olivier Award winner Stephen Clark; book by Tony Petito; and story devised by Meira Chand. Directed by veteran London West End director Steven Dexter (Forbidden City).

Presented with subtitles for Mandarin-speaking audiences. 此音乐剧包含中文字幕.

Date: From 7 September 2022
Time: 2.30pm
Duration: Approximately 150 minutes (20 minutes intermission)
Specific Accessibility Show Date 24 September 2022